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– Enjoy the pounding beat and immersive deep bass with this neckband Bluetooth earbuds, 10 mm bio-diaphragm drivers.
– These neckband headphones provide 20-hour playing time on each charge, it only takes 10 min charge.
– Lightweight neckband made of composite fiber and memory silicone brings all-day comfort during your hard workout.
– The ergonomic earbuds are made for extreme sports and keep the most solid fit on your ear.
– Product Dimensions: 1.97 x 2.76 x 3.94 inches, 0.705 ounces

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  1. Ana m.

    The customer services for this seller is amazing. They replaced my headphones immediately and work perfectly now. Definitely recommend

  2. Alonzo

    Good for studying or maybe working out. I personally use it to watch movies on my laptop. The noise canceling ear buds are perfect if you like roommates walking in your room unnoticed while you watch cool movies!

  3. Albert

    I really like these especially for the price

  4. 1spunkygal

    Sound is great I listen to all types of music I also listen to podcast sound is clear & crisp.

  5. Noel Völker

    The good:- Good sound- Excellent battery life- Chargeable with USB-C- Pauses music when the magnets stick together- Good radio signal once connectedThe bad:- Doesn’t chime when turning on, only when connected to a device, so if it can’t connect you won’t know without taking a look at the LED.- Sometimes needs to manually have the phone look for it to connect to it- Will try to connect to other people’s phone if they also have the Beats app- Rarely but once in a while will disconnect inexplicably

  6. Crystal Lang

    Everyone in family has these head phones. We all love them just remember if you have more than one pair in house rename each pair or it’s a pain to connect right pair

  7. Venio Wallace

    Best headphones! They’re comfortable, great battery life and sound

  8. Norman

    Can’t go wrong with classic ear buds. I tried the true wireless while working out but the right bud would sometimes go mute. These don’t fail me.

  9. Shannon

    Wife loves these so much that she has 2 pair so she won’t have to due without them while the other pair charges! She often falls asleep with them in while watching TV so guess they are comfortable. Sound quality is good and battery life is too. They charge quickly and have good range as the wife uses them to listen to the TV in our family room while working in the kitchen which is 30 plus feet away. Beats has a good reputation and we have not had any warranty concerns in over a year.

  10. Emily

    I absolutely love everything about these earbuds <3

  11. Steven M. Kristensen

    My wife says they great sounding head phones – Thank you!

  12. Raleigh

    Previously, I’ve owned the beats earphones with the ear wire, and that was a better option for me. Even with the smallest adaptors, this one doesn’t make a secure fit for me. Wished I’d gotten the others again. But if ear passages aren’t tiny, these have a great sound.

  13. John

    These get the job done for workout headphones that won’t break from sweat like AirPods and are far cheaper. The only problem is that the wire connecting the earbuds is too long and heavy. So when you do workouts on your back like situps, benchpress, etc… the wire pulls the earbuds and its usually a bit of a hassle to readjust the wire on your shoulders when you stand up.

  14. deantimmerman

    Cheap price good sound quality perfect for gym use where you don’t want to have expensive ones that could break or be stolen. I would recommend these they have been great.

  15. philip pauff

    Love these and for the price you can not go wrong, exspecially if using while working they wrap around ear so wont fall out..great buy

  16. Jeffrey scott

    Get dirty fast if u work in the dirt and sun but clean easy and very durable and the water protection works great dropped them in a puddle twice

  17. Eduard

    Seems the product is good in general, but mine have problem with buttons.

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